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Couple Escorts Amsterdam

Our listing of couple escorts in Amsterdam is a collection of Escorts who offer GFE Escort service to couples or are a couple (duo) who welcome you in their adventure. Imagine you are with your SO in Amsterdam and you are looking for some spice. You can order a sexy independent escort to join in and have fun with you. Or if you are a guy who finds that this is the best moment to explore. You can explore our duo profiles! We also have male-female couples who can take you in their world.

Why should you book a couple escort in Amsterdam

Well, first of all, it is fun. The exploration is great and having this checked off your bucket list even better. As above mentioned, having two sexy girls showing up at your door is an unforgettable experience. Having a sexy girl joint the party with you and your Significant Other is even better. Also, to be able to observe what another couple does in their privacy is experience gold. Reasons to order a couple escort can be found plenty. So go ahead and gather that valuable sexual experience that makes ladies go “oh my, you know so much”.

Ordering an escort for couples

An escort for couples is straight forward. It is an escort girl who joins into the fun with you and your SO. Usually, the escorts have it listed in their profile if they go with couples but how far they go you best discuss with them personally. Most girls offer full service for men but will only do a light massage for women. There are of course plenty of bisexual couple escorts who offer full service for both. It is important to discuss boundaries upfront.

Ordering a duo from Couple Escorts Amsterdam

If you are choosing from a profile that lists two ladies happily together and they are bisexual, you are set for the night. These ladies know each other very well and will be giving a great time also to you. If you decide to pick and choose it might be more complicated. For a threesome to have good chemistry it is important that all of you like each other. Escort agencies can advise you on girls, who they know, have experience together, and like to have fun in a sexy threesome setting.

Couple Escorts Amsterdam

As in joining in the adventure of another couple. This can be quiet kinky. I suppose many have the fantasy of sleeping with someone else’s partner, in front of their eyes. Mmmm kinky indeed. As mentioned, a lot of experience and fun can be derived from peeking into other couples sexual habits.

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